"A Trip To Ground Zero"

"Everything's Gonna Be All Right" at Neil's 2-15-14

"My Babe" live at Rum Boogie, Beale Street

"The Making of "Drink Up!" Documentary"

"Mellow Down Easy"

"Rag Mama, Rag" (duo)

"On The Road Again" (Canned Heat Song)

Sound Check- "That's My Baby's Mama"

"You Better Watch Yourself" Live at Rum Boogie

Viva Nashville Appearance, Eric solo

The making of a Seydel Harmonica

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"Roll A Fatty For Your Daddy"

"Mama Don't Allow" Live at Superior Bar, Beale Street

Live at Moon Lake, Mississippi- "Mama Don't Allow" (Eric solo)

"Honey Bee" at Rum Boogie

Blues jam Trailer

"Make Me A Pallet…" trio at Rum Boogie

Memphis Music Inner View Promo

Jammin' at Jeff Jensen's CD Party

10th Anniversary on Beale Party Part 1

10th Anniversary on Beale St. Part 2

10th Anniversary on Beale Part 3

Clownin' at Rum Boogie, doing a Canned Heat Song

EHBand Trailer

"Crossroads Blues" (Eric & Guy)

"Blow Wind" Live at Rum Boogie

"Jumper On the Line"

Rum Boogie (Live)